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WinRAR users in danger due to security gap! the Action required

A security gap in WinRar threatens millions of users Around the world 

WinRar is one of the most popular programs used to view, create, extract archives in multiple formats such as ZIP, RAR, etc. The program is quite useful and has been used by people for more than two decades. However, the fault in this program recently questioned the security of this popular program in different ways.

According to a report by the security research company Check Point, WinRar is suffering from a serious security flaw that has not been handled since 2005. This error creates a hole that hackers can use to hack malware into your system and gain full access

This gap clears the attacker to extract the .exe files in the startup folder of the computer. In this way, they ensure that the programs run automatically at computer runtime.

The security companies found that the error was actually caused by an old DLL (DLL) that was used to handle compressed ACE files. This vulnerability has put millions of users around the world at risk.

How to be safe?
Fortunately, WinRar took immediate action and fixed that gap by removing support for the ACE version. If you are a WinRar user, you must update to the latest version (5.70 Beta 1) that was released by the company last month.

Please inform all the people you know and advise them with the required action.

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