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Aquila First Flight "Facebook Project"

Aquila First Flight "Facebook Project"

Facebook has decided to end the "Aquila" project to provide Internet access to all the world through a huge network of high-flying, a solar-powered plane that will beam internet to remote parts of the world, solar-powered UAVs that will bring down one of its most ambitious dreams, the "Aquila" first flight.

Facebook announced in a statement on Tuesday that it had abandoned the Aquila project, which was launched four years ago. The project, as noted, is based on launching a large network to provide the Internet to all the planet's inhabitants.

Mark Zuckerberg announced that the"Aquila" project has been finished, and it will be closed permanently, and instead of "Aquila Project" Facebook indicated that it will cooperate with the famous aviation industry companies such as Airbus to develop software for aircraft works on projects similar to Aquila to provide the Internet to all the world.

Watch the video :

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