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The end of Yahoo Messenger R.I.P

The end of Yahoo Messenger R.I.P

YahooAbout 20 years ago after its launch, Yahoo finally decided to stop one of the oldest applications for chat, the Yahoo Messenger application, as part of the intense competition it has long been with leading companies in the field.

Yahoo! announced that Yahoo Messenger the famous chat application will officially end on July 17, which means that users will not be able to communicate through it after that or even access to it, and the reason for this decision is to develop their tools in light of competition and create new application which will meet the requirements of new technology and change the communications way in the world.

Yahoo! has promised that it will develop new and exciting communication tools to keep up with the new Yahoo Messenger alternative. This application is one of the first networking applications that has emerged since 1998 under Windows Messenger and other similar applications before modern social networking applications overwhelm.

 "Goodbye Yahoo 1998-2018"

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