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Google knows everything about you

Google knows everything about you

All of us should know that Google is watching almost all of your online moves. What everyone does not know is that it's possible to know what Google knows about you and how much they know or deduce about your online profile, moves, locations, more than what imagined... and all that tracking to you is based on your behavior and what you do when you use your device.

Here are some links that will give you a greater understanding of what Google knows about you:

In the field of advertising:
Google uses the information you own about you to deliver targeted ads to your profile. For this, it fits into different categories of tastes. You can find out which categories are best for you by clicking here.

Your Location:

One of the most horrifying things Google does is keep a detailed record of its site. This happens when you have a smartphone and allows Google Maps to access this type of information to improve services like Google Now, which means: it's optional.

But this does not make the tool-less difficult. The company has also recently turned Location History into a feature within Maps, highlighting your trips and photos you've taken at a particular location. Thus, the tool has become more useful, but it is still a means to observe practically all of its movement.

At the bottom, you can click Pause Location History if you're not comfortable sharing this type of data. You can also delete all your history by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right corner and selecting Delete all Location History.
To check all location history click here.

Everything you searched for:
Google also records everything you search for through detailed data on the most visited sites from searches done on the site below. It not only saves searches but basically all of your activity is linked to a Google Account.

To check everything that you have been searching for click here.

It is also interesting to note that if you also use voice search, either through your desktop or mobile phone, you will also find a search history saved there. click here to check.

Quick note for Youtube :
YouTube keeps information about what you're looking for and what videos you actually watched, comments, search history, live videos... To check your search history, you can access it by clicking here.

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