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Apple will launch a content to compete with Netflix at the lowest price

Apple will launch a content to compete with Netflix at the lowest price

The new platform of Apple, as we know, Apple always surprise their users with new features and items, Recently Apple Decided to start a new platform of Live streaming and video, like the other platforms, Netflix, Amazon... but Apple will target the Apple users to use it with a free trial like Apple Music... And as we know the live streaming and video are areas of high demand from global technology companies, where investment has become a successful venture. The biggest example of this is the example of Amazon, but Apple has also entered the line and is preparing for a surprise in this regard.

Press reports have recently pointed out that Apple has signed a contract with the introduction of the American talk show "Oprah Winfrey" in order to provide content broadcast on its new platform for live broadcast and video on demand, and other sources pointed to the launch of Apple to this platform before the end This year.

The US site Recode pointed to a number of assumptions that Apple will propose some free content to the new users who purchase the Apple TV, or the content is completely free for the period after purchasing it, while others pointed out that the company will offer less In terms of subscription to what has been pioneered by this field Netflix, which reaches the participation in the United States to  11 $ per month.

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