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Revolutionary feature in upcoming versions of iPhone "Apple"

Revolutionary feature in upcoming versions of iPhone "Apple"

A lot of companies competes with a number of smartphone companies, especially South Korea, Samsung and Huawei, Apple is forced to innovate and introduce new features to attract user interest. According to recent media reports, the coming versions of iPhone will have a revolutionary advantage.

The American Mark Gurman of the Bloomberg Economic News Agency noted that Apple's R & D engineers are working hard to develop two important features at the level of next-generation iPhone phone screens in the next two or three years.

According to journalist Mark Gorman, it is first about curved screens similar to what is currently on a number of phones of Samsung's main competition for Apple, in addition to Apple will develop a new technology will allow the user to control the content displayed on the screen and interact with it without touching the screen directly, And only about ways to bring the finger closer to the screen.

This revolutionary technology is not much known, but in the future, it will be the subject of more news and press reports.

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