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The meaning of abolishing Internet neutrality in the United States? Why is Net Neutrality important?

The meaning of abolishing Internet neutrality in the United States?  Why is Net Neutrality important?

The US president decided a few days ago to prevent the neutrality of the Internet in the United States of America, which means that the world as a whole will be affected by this decision, because the United States is the heartbeat of the Internet in the world, and the decision will be a scourge on the American people as well as US companies, but also In the media as a whole. How is that? continue reading, in which I teach you the neutrality of the Internet and how the decision to prevent Internet neutrality will affect the world.

The world's fury on Thursday (December 14th) with the Federal Communications Commission's vote to abolish so-called Internet neutrality, a set of laws adopted in 2015 by Barack Obama's administration, which defines the behavior of Internet service providers, on the basis of which Internet services are treated as public facilities or services subject to the laws Organizational structure. Which obliges Internet companies to deal with all digital content with complete impartiality, without preferring a service or website to another.

Under the principle of Internet neutrality, Internet service providers are not allowed to add to their consumer's more financial costs, such as YouTube or Netflix, which require more data capacity than regular services. Or to impose high financial costs on content producers to speed up the transmission of their data.

One of the direct consequences of eliminating "Internet neutrality" in the United States, for example, is that Internet service providers are loading content pages more slowly, favoring large, rich platform services while emerging companies and platforms will be the biggest losers.

Of course, the abolition of Internet neutrality will take months to be effective. Until then, states, companies, and individuals in the United States are expected to sue this decision. New York State Attorney Eric Schneiderman was among the first to announce their opposition to the decision and their intention to sue the federal body for its repeal.

However, this decision will inevitably affect laws governing the Internet in countries with a similar organization to the United States.

The Saturday 23 December issue of 'Digital' Monte Carlo will be dedicated to the principle of "Internet neutrality" and the implications of the decision to cancel it in the United States of America on other countries.

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