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Samsung "Galaxy S9" will come with the Technology "Y-OCTA"

Samsung "Galaxy S9" will come with the technology "Y-OCTA"

According to new reports published yesterday, the next generation Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus will come with a technology called "Y-OCTA", which was used in Notes 7 and 8, while not in the Galaxy S-Plus 8 version.

Most reports indicate that Samsung will focus heavily on the self-processing process entirely, adopting the Y-OCTA technology, which allows the integration of the touch panel on the glass screen of the phone, which eliminates the acquisition of these panels manufactured by another company.

The Super AMOLED screen, based on the same technology, has been praised by the user, and the same is true for the Galaxy S8 screen. The company has recently been working on the screen area as it has recently increased its productivity from the panels it manufactures for Apple, which is expected to be attached to an iPhone 8 Next.

Other reports on how well the fingerprint sensor is of the built-in type of the screen mean that the phone will not need an external sensor such as the Galaxy S8, but most indicate that the company will not rely on it in the product Galaxy S9, but there is a high probability that we see this type of sensors with the product Note 9 .

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