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leaked a new image of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

leaked a new image of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 

The world is set to announce the official announcement of the Samsung GlaxiNote 8 on August 23, but a new phone has been leaked to its foreground in three different backgrounds that are expected to be the official images of the phone once it is released.

The phone appears in a black copy, but each interface is different. As with the Galaxy S8, it appears that Samsung will also make the front of the phone black, and only the color will change in its backend.

It is also clear that the phone will come with a lower curved screen than the Galaxy S8 Plus. However, as mentioned in the previous leaks, it will be available on the 6.3-inch Infinity Display, which means the screen will be larger than the Galaxy S8 Plus.

Also waiting for the phone is the Snapdragon 835, Exynos 8895, RAM 6 Gigabit, 12-megapixel rear camera and 3000mAh battery.

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