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Earn $10 for each Picture or Video of your city using your phone

Earn $10 for each Picture or video of your city using your phone 

My friends, after some problems happens on our site, now we are back to you, and i like to share with you one application it's very useful, i have it on my phone, it makes you earn some money by taking a pictures or videos from your city you live, especially if you live in a big city, or a capital, with an easy way, and this Application compatible with Android and ios, 
at first, you must sign up for the site (findyr) by adding your information Email, password ... and then we enter to Application on the phone, then sign in with the email and password we created in the site.

Now when you enter to the Application, you'll see the map of your city or region you live, you'll see some places in orange color, its a service or offers you can do them by clicking on it and start to do it, for example, you'll have to take a picture for a place or a festival, that depends on the place and get 10 Dollar, you can withdraw it from paypal or wester union.

And if you see nothing in orange color, you have to know that at the moment there is no offer or service in your region, and that's normal, you must open the application every day to check if there is any offer to do it, and don't forget the minimum of paid is 10 dollars, and it's can be more and more to 100 Dollars, and the minimum to withdraw is 20 Dollars from paypla or wester union.

The App for Androis :
The App for iOS :

Don't forget to share it with your friends, like that everyone will earn some money from their city

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