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Warning: A new ransom virus "WannaLocker" attacks Android phones and encrypts and requests ransom! ( Protect yourself now )

New ransom virus "WannaLocker" attacks Android phones and encrypts and requests ransom! 
( Protect yourself now )

The world has suffered from the virus ransom wannacry, which created a very noisy and was Targeting Windows operating systems, but on what seems to be the world now again another second virus, but directed to the phones of Android, where a new virus was discovered "Wannalocker" is a malicious software Ransomwary inspired Of the wannacry virus.

There is no more information available on this new virus, but it is reported that it is encrypting data and information, but in external memory, and the pirates are asking for ransom 40 yuan in Chinese currency equivalent to about 6 US dollars to recover files or remove the virus, The new virus is being developed by Chinese hackers, and this is illustrated by the ransom message it leaves in Chinese and in the currency of the country.

To be careful, you must to check all applications you'll install these days, if they are original or not, and To avoid this new virus, it is now advisable to consider the permissions required by some applications and to avoid installing current Chinese applications or games on the Google Play Store or another store.

Please Share with all people you know,  we want all people to know about this Virus to be carefully and protect themselves . 

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