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Facebook wants to spy on you from your phone camera !! NEW

Facebook wants to spy on you from your phone camera

Facebook is considered one of the most powerful in the digital field and Social Media, and is constantly accused of violating users' privacy and personal lives in various ways, which has been proven in the past and many times, but Facebook seems to have no intention of abandoning the practice.

According to the report of the British newspaper "The Sun", The social networking site Facebook is developing a dangerous technology in a confidential location enables the site to identify the psychological state of each user individually by analyzing facial expressions through the spy on it through the camera of Phones.

'The Sun' report pointed out that it was a patent based on the artificial intelligence technology developed by Facebook in 2015, and was monitored by the experts of the company "CBI Insight" for software, where the patent shows a drawing showing a person carrying a smartphone camera and the analysis of facial expressions, If a user is satisfied with what they see on the site, similar content will be suggested on the site's homepage.

In addition, "CBI Insight" experts have also identified another patent that was developed this year based on the same technology and allows interacting with expressive images with user images posted on the site by analyzing facial expressions. If the user smiles, for example, will send a comment on the published content as an emotion smiling.

-You can read this TUTURIAL for protect yourself from Spying from anysite .
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