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Use two numbers Whatsapp On one Phone

For to use double Numbers account for WhatsApp on one phone it's something that a lot of people looking for, because of personal purposes and may be other reasons, there are those who want to use Whatsapp number for work, and another number for personal use, for to don't get messages from work when you are relaxing out from work.

in this tutorial, I'll share two ways to receive a double-numbers on Whatsapp, the first it's for the iPhone and the second for Android, without talking too much go directly into the subject.

For iPhones ( IOS ) : 

All you need to do is to download Whatsapp ++ application, and to have another number phone, not the number that you used in your WhatsApp who is on your phone, Okay good,  now you have to download the application i'll let for you the Link down, and then will ask you to download an application "Tutu Helper" it's a "Chinese shop" is the owner of the application whatsapp ++ and very necessary that you download the store so you can run the application, .. after downloading and installing each of whatsapp ++ and Tutu Helper shop, you will go to 'settings' then go to 'General' then 'profile and device management', and then activate 'Trust' for each of the application Whatsapp ++ and 'Chinese Store'. 
Congratulations, you can now go to the application Whatsapp ++ and will be opened without any problems, you can enter a number and activated on your phone, then you have double-numbers the first number was on your phone and second we added on Whatsapp ++.

mission accomplished let's go now to explain for the Android.

For Android :

About Android, there are many applications and ways to add a second number for Whatsapp, for example, cloning WhatsApp application of the same... There is also an application it's the best between all the rest of the applications, this application called "GBWA" I will let you the Link to download the latest version of the application down, after downloading and installing the application you are adding the second number it then, and then follow the normal steps with activated text message or by calling, with this way you will get a second number on your Android phone, and that's.

Link For IOS :  Whatsapp++
Link for Android : GBWA

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