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Use Facebook and Messenger in just one application

You want to use Facebook and Messenger in just one Application, you are in the right place, after this tutorial you'll have facebook and Messenger in just one application, There is no doubt that the application of Facebook and messenger consumed a lot of hardware resources, including battery and Ram ... etc, this may do not a problem with modern phones, but when we talk about the old phones somehow, we have to talk about this problem, and it remains the only solution to the owners of these phone is installed Facebook Lite instead of the Facebook Official, but the application of Facebook Lite miss many of the features found on the official Facebook application.

So in the tutorial of today, i'll show you how to use Facebook and Messenger in one application !! That way you will not be forced to download the application Messenger, plus you will reduce your consumption of resources, significantly Incredible.

The method is based on application load average Facebook, which you will not find on google Play store with regret so you should download it from the link that I will let to you in the last post.

After downloading the application you are installing like any other application in from outside of the Play store, and then you will see the icon of it, you have to do just click it and enter your account information in the normal way as if you are in the application of the official Facebook, and after login you will notice that it faced like the official facebook, and you'll notice an icon Messenger at the top, is enough click on it and will take you to the Messenger without even installed on your phone.

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Download the App : Facebook+Messenger

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