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Google's new, No more reCaptcha anymore, a new version of reCaptcha invisible

reCaptcha or NO Captcha, the most important thing produced by Google Labs over the last years. In addition to the significant role they play in protecting the sites and Web services from cyber-attacks, contributed to the development and change our view of digital data and methods utilized to serve humanity, millions of historical books have been digitized when we get into CAPTCHA years ago, most of the roads, alleys, buildings and even traffic signs and house numbers on Google Maps has been archived, millions of audio files have been identified, and enormous amounts of good data for use in the field of machine learning has been collected and has become fertile ground for the development of intelligent systems artificial ( artificial intelligence ).

Of course reCaptcha now easier and easier than it was a few years ago, once a simple click on the word 'I'm not a robot' would also include in some cases you may be asked to identify options for the different images in the case of service algorithm did not recognize the true identity.

The exciting thing is that Google has announced that it will make the user browsing easier and more experience, it will not be necessary to click on the button ' I'm not a robot', everything will work in the algorithm of the site, just below the systems and algorithms, artificial intelligence will learn about the service is that you're actually a robot or humans through the analysis of many data as the IP address, mouse movements, etc .. browsing data in a few seconds, and in the case of non-recognition service will appear on the site and ask you to pass one of the above-mentioned ' I'm not a robot'

This service is available now for webmasters first two copies is normal version The second is the new version invisible as possible to be integrated with the site.

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