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How to delete iCloud account from iPhone easily ! (IOS 10)

Today i'll teach you something new, as always, the technology have a lot of tricks that's we need to know, as we know alot of users of iPhone sometimes they buy a used phone have iCloud, and they can't know the password to delete the ancient account, and create a new iCould account, but there a way to remove this iCloud and create your new iCloud account

This trick i'll show you today Issued two days ago, and i liked to share it with you for help,

This trick so simple, and before to show you, you need to have on your iPhone 'jailbreak' if you don't have it this way will not work with you,
 if you have it, all what you need, it's to do Download this Software 'cydia Impactor' ('cydia impactor' help to install the outside application for iPhone) and then download this APPLICATION  , and connect your iPhone with the computer and open 'Cydia impactor', then take the Application inside it, after that you enter your APPLE ID and press Start for to install the App.

Then enter to the application and press one click in the middle of the screen and the account will be deleted, then you can go to your iCloud and enter your new account 

The Application to delete the Account

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