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Google's new 'My Android' web Application suggests wallpapers, icon packs and more more

If you are one from Android users there is no doubt that you have days to allocate the home screens, either by installing a new launch or by customizing manually backgrounds and extras with your desires, as it is Android more systems readily available customizations and modifications, but a lot of backgrounds makes it hard to choose which one will be perfect with your home screen.Google wishes to help you find that perfect home screen for yourself with the App 'myAndroid Taste test'.

Here the role of Google and the new App is that the launch recently, 'Taste Test',  is a Web application, you can get personal customizations for your Android according to your taste, and it all just across answer some fun questions about your taste and things you care about.

It is worth mentioning that the 'taste test' is giving you a guide for applications and backgrounds that you have to download and install in order to obtain the perfect home screen proposed by you, so this App is not a matter of getting a direct launch push of a button as it is a matter of helping you to choose the optimal coordination among the thousands of possible launches on the Android system.

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