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Get any information about the people who are not on your friend's list, and your friend's list too

You may have sometimes to know each specific information on Facebook about someone, like his family members, his friends, publications that he 'like' on Facebook, high school where he studied ... and more other information, and that is exactly what we will talk about in this post, so i'll show you a very dangerous site through which you can know anyone with information on Facebook, it's not necessary to have this account with you in the list of friends, you only need to follow this tutorial, and  all that you need is a link account of that person and the site "stalkscan", yes this site is a new site have been developed by a Belgian hacker ethic, and the idea is simply to collect as much as possible the information from the account, including his pictures, publications, films that he loves, publications and videos and pictures that he likes ...

And how to use this site it's very easy for everyone who use facebok, just you have to go to the site via the link which you will find in the last post, and you'll notice that the site is in Dutch, but you can convert it to English via the button at the top language on the right choice, and then you can put the link of person account you  want to know his information and press Enter.

then go down to the bottom and you will notice several sections and a range of options, and then you choose the option you want to know information about, like publications that have liked ...  there are many options, just press it and you will get a window containing the option you chosen .

And what i like on this site  that it is not necessary that the facebook account must be in the list of your friends, And  that site does not violate your privacy, but gives you the information putting on the facebook account from the owner, if that the account owner does not give some information, you will not be able to know it.

Here I have finished with you the tutorial today I wish that you'll like this site, as i wish from you to shared with your friends, Thank you . 

The link : Stalkscan

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