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Check Your iPhone now if it's original or an imitator

Your iPhone it's original or an imitator, check now

Before buying the iPhone phones, especially used ones, it is necessary to ensure that a number of details before pay for it, and we all know high compared to other companies, so, he must make sure if the original phone or an imitator, if keyed with iCloud that is hard for many to open it, then find out also if it was open or not, and other information you may need to make sure before you buy them.

Site provides you with this free service, asked you only the number of private imei phone, then you will notice that gives you accurate information about it, beginning you must find the imei number, you can find behind your phone, or you can put this code ( *#06# ) will give you the imei from your phone, and then put the code imei in the site I'll give you, and you'll get the name of the phone as well, the iCloud if  enabled or not, then the other information you'll see them with yourself .

Site link  iphone imei

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