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"Eye - The Smart iPhone Case" use Android and iOS at the same time | you will not believe!

"Eye - The Smart iPhone Case" use Android and iOS at the same time | you will not believe!

Are you a fan of Apple, and you can't change it, because of the smooth operation of the system, stylish design etc .. but you do not like the limits for OS? Of course on this point, I agree with you a million percent because that Android system leaving you free to do anything, change a lot of options, themes... unlike iPhone it has a limit for to use.

In this tutorial, I'm not here for to show you the difference between Android and IOS 😂 but i like to share with you new innovation, will have an attack by the technology market in the next few days, talk about the cover for the iPhone is available on Android device !!! Yes, the cover of the iPhone from behind by measuring 5-inch AMOLED screen and a processor octa-core ARM Cortex A53 CPU, with the Ram 2 GB of DDR3 type, and a good battery of up to 2800 mAh, in addition to all this it is supporting two Sim Cards connected and 4G network, and works with Android Nougat 7.1 system!

By writing the last paragraph, realy it's hard to believe where we are at this time, to buy cover and get Android as Bonus 😂 phone Yes, it technology evolution, this device is still on the site 'kickstarter' so you can request a one now before it is offered in official in the electronic market the beginning of August of this year, the name of the device it's 'Eye' and start first copy price $ 95, and different in terms of specifications for each one from the other versions.

Check The site from Here: Eye

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