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The most dangerous Russian hacker in the world "wanted by the FBI" 3 $ million Reward

There is no doubt that a large share of Russia in the field of breakthroughs (Penetrations) that happen in the world, especially in the field of technology and technical processes associated with them. Russia possesses the most powerful hackers in the world which are portrayed in many of the reports that are published from time to time. One from these hackers is "Evgeniy Bogachev", So what you know about him, and why he is wanted from to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation?!

Evgeniy Bogachev is a Russian hacker age 33 years and lives in the Russian territory, and he is the most dangerous in the world, and this is because of a lot of breakthroughs (penetrations) made by him, and stealing the millions of accounts around the world. and now he is the wanted number one among global security devices.

The hacker appeared his name in 2014 after he announced the US Department of Justice for the dismantling of an electronic network malware software, planted between 500 thousand and one million computers worldwide and caused the disappearance of millions of dollars from bank accounts.
Investigations revealed where Evgeniy Bogachev fact is the founder of the Entrepreneur "Game Over Zeus" virus network, which was described as the most electronic threats in the history of the Internet.

Bogachev now live in the Black Sea resort,  enjoying his time in private in his boats, he has now alot of boats plus to his own well and a set of villas in Europe and the cars. He also owns millions of dollars in bank accounts, and in addition to multiple passports.
Russia rejects to catch him to US authorities, Because he did not commit any crime in the Russian territory, and can not catch him as soon as he is required to US authorities, as many news reports revealed that the hacker Bogachev worked as an assistant and Russian intelligence agencies to spy on opponents.

Other reports suggest that he is one of the people who was recruited by Moscow to intervene in the conduct of the US presidential elections, and the press (newspaper) "New York Times", the Federal Bureau of Investigation US, have reward of $ 3 million for information leading to his arrest.

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