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4 Applications extraordinary to save battery in Android Phones

modern Batteries smartphones have a much higher than the previous capacity. However, The development of technology and internal components in these phones, making the phone lose battery faster, and this is very normal in front of the growing pressure on it, in this tutorial i'll show 4 applications you'll need them if you have  Android Phone to save your Battery..

In Google Play, there are many applications to maintain and save the performance of the battery, but all is not effective, only very few of the applications are offering you the best of the service and real in maintaining the longest battery time as possible. In this post you will learn about the best of these applications.

Amplify Battery Extender

Every user experienced in the Android operating system knows that even while the phone is in a dormant state remains, a lot of applications still work even the phone it's not using. for that, the development of this application and function is controlling the run and stop these applications and control also in the frequency and duration of waking up the processor, and stop the most of the programs consuming battery automatically, you need to run the application framework "xposed"

One from the famous applications that earned the Millions of downloads on Google Play, the best thing about this application is that allows you to maintain your smartphone battery by establishing steps from closing settings fo Wi-Fi, GPS and closing applications smoothly and automatically.

GSam Battery Monitor
The function of this application is to monitor the performance of applications and the extent of consumption of the battery, the application provides you with full details of all the processes that consume energy, and from this details, you can take actions you must to do.


Application development by famous developer Franco. The functionality of the application is to determine the application services that consumes battery without we know. this App checks the list of processes and services running, it will shut it down immediately, the app needs root to work and the way it works is very simple.

Note: almost all of these applications needs Root!

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